Stage One – Business Set-Up

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October 27, 2019
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June 19, 2020

Business Set-Up is stage one in an effort to launch or reorganize a business. As a service-based company, we have explored, tested, configured, and redefined the many tools needed to cost-effectively and time-effectively operate our services. To follow is a list of platforms we recommend.

Every business we’ve worked on behalf of has some common needs. Some companies require more extended tools than others, but all of them have these basic requirements to operate in the digital world. Beyond those listed below, some require other extended tools, such as team project management, accounting, and billing,  customer relations management, and marketing tools. 

Stage One – Business Set-Up

In this first of a series of blogs, we’ll focus on domain management, and email/document management. 



Before you can set up your business to function, you’ll need to establish your business identity. This requires registering a domain for your business. 

There are many options for domain management, but we’ve set up as an easy-to-use platform, where you can search and secure the domain you choose, from a wide range of extensions — .com, .net, .org, .xyz, .io, or others, or specialty extensions such as .restaurant, for example. (This platform also provides access to hosting, and other tools, which will cover in forthcoming blogs.) 


Certainly, there many options to manage your email. There are many FREE options, such as Google GMAIL, and AOL, for example. 

However, if you’re spending the time and money to set up a business, branding matters. So we encourage you to establish a company email. It is simply more professional to have than or, etc. 

You can set up an email(s)within your account for a nominal cost. But a more productive option would be either Google Workspace, or Microsoft Office 360

G-Suite vs Outlook Office 365We’ve experimented with both, and chose G-Suite. The reasons are many, but in short, we found that:

  • Google Workspace (formally G-Suite) bundles email, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Sites, Groups, and drawings — with access to all the other Google products, such as Keep, Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Current and others all with single access from the login menu.  This saves time, provides fluidity, and organization.  Moreover, Google developed multiple user collaboration in REAL-TIME within the tools 
  • While Microsoft has great technology, we found Google to be more intuitive to use, and that Microsoft products tend to provide many functions that most companies will never use, making it a far more complex learning curve. 

To get your business setup, we advise you to do so in stages, and registering your business domain and branded email is Stage One. 

Once you’ve set up your email, be sure to read How To Protect Against Identity Theft. And when you do decide to set up a business, be aware of The Crisis of Entrepreneurship, and 6 Tips for People On The Go.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll tackle marketing management — social media, inbound marketing, and outbound sales tools to attract, engage, and convert followers into evangelists and customers. 

Need help?  Create a support ticket and we’ll set it up for you.

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Bruce Dugan
Bruce Dugan
A career entrepreneur, he has founded and operated a variety of companies in the areas of freight logistics, music, film, technology, and media, and is currently CEO of Inicia Incorporated.

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