Thoughts of a C.E.O. I've been an entrepreneur all my life, with extreme highs and extreme lows. This blog deals with aspects of that journey; mistakes I've made, things I got right, and what I've learned along the way.

  • Business Start up Set up

    As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly forced to play technology catch-up in an effort to stay connected, informed, and available (to our clients).  It’s mind-spinning to know what we need, where to get it, and how to use it.  So the first thing I’d recommend is to cut through all the clutter […]

  • Post-pandemic business opportunities

    The pandemic is receding, but it's not over. Moreover, restaurants and bars need to recoup from the losses of 2020. Here is one risk-free way to do that. And, it's fun for patrons as well.This article is a discussion with Eddie Fahmy of A2Z Restaurant Consulting and Ken Goldberg of Emerson […]

  • 4 Success Strategies Post Pandemic

     In this article, we address 4 fundamental success strategies post-pandemic, including budgeting, automation, outsourcing, and eCommerce revenue streams Being an entrepreneur, whether running a staffed company or a solopreneurship requires stepping back and doing the strategy and set-up, not just […]

  • Take a break with a good cigar

    Buy any box of 601 cigars get a FREE 601 blue maduro toro five pack! We have some good cigar specials, check them out before the deal's end. BUY ANY BOX OF ROMEO Y JULIETA GET A FREE ROMEO Y JULIETA 1875 BULLY FIVE PACK! BUY ANY BOX OF ROCKY PATEL GET A FREE ROCKY PATEL ICON GUN METAL LIGHTER! […]

  • Embrace Remote Working

     I had written about tips for remote working before, but with the onset of COVID19 and the changing work environment, it seemed appropriate to write another. As CEO at Incognito Worldwide, a subsidiary of Inicia Incorporated, I’ve been working remotely since 2000. So when COVID19 hit the USA […]