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December 19, 2021
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January 23, 2023

ADA compliance is the issue of web accessibility, which is the practice of making the necessary adjustments to a website so that people with disabilities can access its content, which has become a fundamental consideration for website owners.  

You may ask why ADA compliance now?

  • In recent years the legislative landscape has changed. Hundreds of thousands of business owners have received demand letters for having inaccessible websites with legal claims as high as $100,000. 
  • On top of that, the pandemic has made us all rely on the internet for just about everything. Society is awakening to the fact that people with disabilities have a right to equal access to all websites.
  • Our main motivation for taking this initiative is simply to look out for your interests and make sure that your website is up to date in an ever-changing web ecosystem.

After conducting extensive research we have selected an access widget as a way to help address this issue for all of our clients. It is the industry-leading, AI-powered solution that makes your site accessible and compliant quickly and cost-efficiently. And as you add content, or browsers are updated, it continues to work automatically to keep you in compliance. 

TheAccessibe annual fee for a license is $490 (you can likely get a tax credit up to the value of your cost up to $5,000). We will take care of seamlessly integrating the accesWidget on your site at no extra cost. 

ADA Compliance


  • It helps to mitigate the legal risk of expensive lawsuits. 
  • It is a way to grow your business by reaching out to a huge underserved, and extremely loyal consumer group that accounts for  15% of the population,
  • Finally, being inclusive is the right thing to do and sends a positive message about your brand.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so call us (1-646-384-8843),  view my schedule, and book a video call meeting time here, or open a support ticket


Learn more about the automated tool here

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