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April 3, 2023
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May 30, 2023

Many ask us how they can get higher SEO rankings on their websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web accessibility have been an ongoing discussion. but until recently, there was no concrete evidence to support that SEO is enhanced by web accessibility.

Over 800 websites were reviewed by SEMRUSH and, and the results surprised some while validating the claims of others.

It was always assessed by many that there had to be a connection between accessibility and rankings but it had never been studied by scientific research methodology. This has now changed due to SEMRUSH’s research findings.


Web accessibility has many potential benefits, one of which is an improvement in a website’s ranking on search engines due to increased usability. Structured content, alternative text descriptions for images, and accessibility features can all positively influence this ranking. Google may even penalize sites that are not accessible, thereby impacting their SEO. Expanding the number of users able to access your website could lead to increased organic traffic and business opportunities; for example, over 1 million adults in the US over 40 are blind, and improving web accessibility may draw them in and increase brand loyalty.

Moreover, search engine rankings (SERP) take into account user experience, making websites with functional web access more likely to rank higher than those without. For some time it was unclear if there was a scientific connection between these benefits and web accessibility; however, research done by SEMRUSH now confirms this link.

Get Higher SEO rankings

SEMRUSH and BuiltWith teamed up to produce a tool that reveals the technologies used on websites. Through analyzing the data of 847 sites that implemented accessibility remediation solutions, it was discovered that almost three-quarters of them saw an increase in organic traffic.

Furthermore, when assessing the impact of various solution suppliers for improved accessibility, accessiBe proved efficient in driving organic traffic growth. In addition, all the sites surveyed had an average rise of 12% in visitors after introducing such remedies.




Considering these outcomes, incorporating accessibility measures into your online presence may prove a worthwhile strategy.


Web accessibility is both a moral consideration and a legal compliance requirement for anyone serving the general public online. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the law of the land, and those that don’t comply are subject to legal liability — there have been many lawsuits brought against websites that do not accommodate the disabled.

The good news is that ADA compliance [in making your website accessible] has been proven to drive organic traffic growth, meaning that making your website accessible should be a top priority if you are looking to increase your brand awareness and attract more visitors.

If you need assistance getting your website ADA-compliant, simply reach out for a free consultation. or sign up here. if you’re capable of inserting scripts on your website, you can do it yourself here. 
Bruce Dugan
Bruce Dugan
A career entrepreneur, he has founded and operated a variety of companies in the areas of freight logistics, music, film, technology, and media, and is currently CEO of Inicia Incorporated.

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