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October 3, 2021
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CEOs Of The Year-2021 in the Business Connect issue named Bruce T. Dugan of Inicia Incorporated – Incognito Worldwide to that list, entitled “Bruce Dugan: A Daredevil Technopreneur”. Here is a summary of what the article covers.

Business Connect Oct 2021In this profile, the writer delves into the changing of the digital world, and how Incognito Worldwide has been on the cutting edge of some of these trends.

It defines the Inicia Incorporated company structure, including Incognito Worldwide, I2MEDIALAB, I2 Web Services, and Intech Creative, among other brands.

In their interview (of Mr. Dugan) they noted that it was during his logistics years, working closely with Fortune-100 manufacturers and branded consumer product companies, that he gained eclectic insights — across a broad range of industry sectors — from his client’s operations that he would later use  to recognize operational pain points and choke points, and then develop strategies to solve them resulting in increased productivity and/or reduced redundancy. 

Mario Delfino featured technology expert

Mario Delfino (CTO) appearing on Argentina TV

The article not only profiles the company’s services and achievements but reveals Bruce’s company cultural philosophy and vision. In one passage it notes that as an SBE he had to be able to adapt to changing conditions much faster and combine the two, or in his words “be nimble enough to dance between the elephant’s legs.”

Inicia Incorporated was initially formed as a technology and media company, and through its subsidiaries and brands has extended its service menu to automated tools, branding, and design. consulting, marketing, and SaaS platform development and management.  You can review our team here or on

CEOs Of The Year-2021

And as part of the company philosophy describes its nomad flexible schedule, and how the directors would take a week or two each year to have working vacations in huts on the Arabian Sea coastline in South Goa, and noted the 30-day motorcycle trip two of them took into the Himalayas.

It also outlines some new projects that the company has been engaged in, and mentions that one of its directors, Kiran Kumar, was featured in Start-Up City’s article “30 Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2018.”

To read the article in the flip page magazine here (pg. 35), or the online version here.

Incognito Worldwide is also a top 20 listed digital agency in Wilmington, DE on the Design Rush platform.

Bruce Dugan
Bruce Dugan
A career entrepreneur, he has founded and operated a variety of companies in the areas of freight logistics, music, film, technology, and media, and is currently CEO of Inicia Incorporated.

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